16 Feb 2015

100kw ground mounted solar panel system in East Lothian

February 16, 2015Solar panels

Maden Eco were on site at Fenton Barns, East Lothian, in February 2015. We were installing a 100kw ground mounted PV array to supply clean green energy to a mixed retail/light industrial park owned by Keith Watson, and run by himself and his daughter Nicola Simpson. The project started in 2014 when we appraised the on-site use and quickly moved to lodge a planning application. This was was supported by East Lothian planning authority, and followed our successful grid capacity study with SP Power Networks. With capacity secured, we arrived on site after the Christmas and New Year holiday.

This 100kw ground mounted solar panel system will supply power into a landlord power supply, which is then re-sold to the tenants. This arrangement is the best possible return on investment, and when coupled with the FIT (Feed in Tariff scheme) makes the payback around 5 years, and the future profit forecast extremely healthy.

If you have a similar situation where you are responsible for the power supply, or have tenants that have a fair power demand, then it is worth considering renewable technology to maximise profit. All you need do is contact us for a chat, and we’d be happy to provide a free site survey and no obligation quote.