18 Feb 2015

Need a lot of heat? The Lindner & Sommerauer 150kw boiler could be for you

February 18, 2015Biomass boilers

If you are living in a large house, small rural settlement, a castle or guest house, then it may be worth considering the Lindner & Sommerauer 150kw boiler, which is a large commercial boiler in sheep’s clothing. Built to a very high build quality, and able to burn either wood chip or wood pellet, this versatile beast is at the affordable end of the biomass boiler market.

The Lindner & Sommerauer 150kw boiler can attain a maximum output of 197,000 kWh on tier 1. When you combine the installation experience of the Maden Eco team with the correct sized buffer and efficient pipework, this boiler will offer years of high quality, low maintenance heating. With efficiency levels over 90%, these highly proficient, self-cleaning boilers require little supervision, with ash can removal kept to a minimum. With these modern biomass boilers you can relax and enjoy low carbon heating in your home with little fuss.

For further information about the Lindner & Sommerauer 150kw boiler, or any of our other biomass products, just get in touch for a chat.