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16 Jul 2015

Maden Eco now have MCS Accreditation for the 25kW SWP turbine

July 16, 2015Wind turbines

We’re very proud to announce that Maden Eco now have MCS Accreditation for the Solid Wind Power 25kW turbine! What does that mean? The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a globally recognised quality assurance scheme that is fully supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. In short, the MCS Accreditation is a mark of quality that demonstrates compliance to the highest industry standards. It highlights to our customers that Solid Wind Power 25kW turbine have achieved the micro certification scheme standard and are available for UK installation and to receive the feed in tariff.

The SWP 25kW is the quietest wind turbine on the market, it’s ideal for rural businesses or where tip height restrictions exist. Manufactured in Denmark by a leading wind turbine company with a proven track record, the SWP 25kW features a 25kW and a 6.5kW generator that allow it to produce energy at both high and low wind speeds.

Maden Eco are distributors of the turbine throughout the UK and our MCS accreditation alongside the turbines MCS product accreditation now assures all customers of the highest possible installation,maintenance and build standards.

With the Renewable Heat Incentive the SWP 25 is a perfect partner for a ground source heat pump and a combined rate on heat output against a wind kw input can earn just under 50p per kwh as one input kw will produce 4 heat kw of energy output through a GSHP. The 60kw to 100kw heat pump market is of particular interest.

If you would like to see if your site is suitable for wind turbine installation then give us a ring. We’d be happy to provide a free site survey and detailed reported without any obligation. Call Simon Maden to discuss your enquiries directly on 01289 333110 or 07801 634632.