16 Feb 2015

We’re close to MCS Accreditation for the 25kW Solid Wind Power turbine

February 16, 2015Wind turbines

Its nearly here, the SWP 25 is nearing its MCS Accreditation in small wind. Some things are best saved until last and that could be said about the SWP 25, our latest wind offering from a team of engineers at Solid Wind Power in Denmark. A three phase triple bladed turbine, with planning friendly hydraulic tower, and three phase power generation at the hub, the energy is delivered straight into your property ready for consumption. The company also have engineered parts for Vesta wind turbines and have many years’ experience in the industry.

Maden Eco will be bringing the turbine to the Royal Highland Show this year and the manufacturer will be on hand to answer any technical questions and will also demonstrate the wind turbine. We do have one already spinning in the Borders at Whitslaid Farm, Lauder, and over the Christmas period we recorded production in excess of 31kw (from a 25kw wind generator that is quite impressive). The manufacturer claims that on the correct wind site it could produce 100,000 kWh.

The Solid Wind Power turbine is aimed at the areas of the country where 25kw is going to be very useful to rural businesses, such as dairy farms, poultry farms or where tip height restrictions exist. There is also a section of the market where other turbines have failed and a replacement turbine is required, and the SWP 25 could be ideal in this instance. The current FiT market still supports the turbine and payback in 7-8 years is realistic, given the right wind regime.

If you would like to see if your site is suitable for wind turbine installation then give us a ring. We will be happy to first look at a desktop study and then come to site and see where you could site for best yield. Call Simon Maden to discuss your enquiries directly on 01289 333110 or 07801 634632.