09 Feb 2015

This is the year of affordable solar

February 09, 2015Solar panels

Never have we seen such good conditions to invest in solar, either as a domestic customer just installing 4kw on the roof, or as a commercial customer powering your business, locking into a rate now that will protect your company from future price rises down the years.

Maden Eco have consistently seen up to 1000kwh per kW installed using our class leading, best-in-Europe 2014 Q Cell panel, managed by SMA inverters. Some would say that it doesn’t matter what inverter you use or how you connect the solar, but at Maden Eco we make sure that every system is individually designed to the location, orientation and roof type, to best suit the panel we are installing.

As energy prices ease a little and solar panel prices continue to drop, we have a good economic argument now for generating our own energy. At Maden Eco we always use cable that is a bit thicker, a heavier tray, and more clips than we need to, and take more care and attention with our installations. As a result, we have earned a good name in the industry, and we can safely say that there are not many clients that we can’t drop in on and have a cup of tea with.

When comparing the market you will always find installers offering low prices. If however, you want to invest in affordable solar panels, but also understand our ethos of adding value, undertaking extra work, and only using the best and most relevant technology for your site, then give us a call. We will provide you with an open and honest review, and you can rest assured that our solar systems do exactly what we say they will do.